tower defence

Plants VS Nymphos

Plants Versus Zombies? No! It's Plants vs Nymphos this moment! Yet overall thought is fairly similar. The main idea of the erotic game made from tower defence genre is to protect the holy relict of your own society from mindless fucksluts who are prepared nothing but to carry it and fuck it! Employ all sorts of sensual traps and barriers to slow down and ultimately to stop the hordes of kinky blonde chicks by simply placing all of them over the battle in startegic manners. Keep an eye on energy levels and be confident that you will not be watsing it for nothing... in case you are planning to win ofocurse becaus even though these bi-otches will get through then your game will likely be over so it is in your interests to please them all as soon as you possibly can! Great fortune and take a decent care of these whores!

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