Sex Kitten: Mesa Madness!

In our final episode of NONSENSICAL MADNESS, our two fool heroes somehow crossed the border TO MEXICO, and managed to evade the pursuit of their relentless ex-girlfriend, both the IRS and the Feds. When all seemed well, a fresh crisis is faced by our stalwart and plucky hero! What's going to happen next? NOTE: This Isn't Job Mindfuck. That one will probably be released afterwards, when our fresh hentai cartoon artist has mastered his drawings. Do not miss it! Special thanks for Mango-chan for allowing me to use your artwork! EDIT: Thank you for pointing out those bugs! You know who you are

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Math Quiz with Sapphire Blue

This game will test your math skills! Your job is to solve mathematics problems as fast as possible. Each successful circular will start new picture of Sapphire Blue. She's big curves if you prefer skinny women, attempt other match.

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Your sExtreme

Within this flash game you can pass a diminutive test. Answer questions using pictograms and love depraved pictures with chesty manga porn girls. One question - one picture. You're able to figure out the outcomes When you pass the exam. If you are not interested in the test, you can answer as you like, but the test results will not be correct. Butyou can see a lot of anime porn pictures. So, if you want to spend some time looking at the depraved and big-boobed manga porn damsels, then you should start playing. Do it and love the most magnificent spectacle.

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