The Photobook: Teaser – A new project

Within this new show from Free Strip Games titled "The Photobook" you perform as a photographer who creates a living by shooting pictures for pricey magazines and functioning with hot versions. You're a true professional and know your organization. But one day your boss Amelia sends you with a fresh version - a sexy brunette called Nicole - along with her it's not so easy to work together. You want to shoot a few photos with her to the cover of a new novel called "Melancholy," but that the girl is not in the mood to work and poses seriously. You'll need to try to fulfill the purchase andliberate the brunette - perhaps you may relax her somewhat differently? The sport is built in the design of a visual novel with photos of actual hot beauties, as well as multiple replies in dialogs - you'll need to carefully choose your words to fill out the game and completely investigate all possibilities. Fantastic luck!

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