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Koga Akemi Hentai Oral

You most likely heard about a neighborhood librarian that will tutor students for a small charge. However, for a small extra the code word she (yep, it's a she!) Is supposed to allow you get your way with her. You can find her in this game. Her name is Koga Akemi. Oh, and also the password is"Sex Ed" - have fun! Koga Akemi is fairly hot and anime appearing librarian and yes she'll do some ectra stuff as mentioned before. Today's extra is that a blowjob! Right away you will wind up in the back room with your trousers down and Akemi ready to suck on your manmeat. Proceed left and right to move Akemi's head back and forward. And when the time will show it is possible to activate the buttons at the bottom of the display to spunk. Easy, short and pretty titillating hentai game that will allow you to spunk Akemi's face as many times as you would like!

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