lesson of passion

The Agency

That is a Narrative about Morgan. He is high class PR agent and always encircled by beautiful models and fomus people. And among climbing R'nB starlets would be got to be his next target... but will he be in a position to get signed a contract with? Can he get something more that a contract? Is it possible to set up million bucks deals and fucking every chick in the workplace at the exact identical moment? Play with this new game by"Lesson of Fire" series and dip into the world of high stakes and criteria even for a quickies at the office! Game is created with element of relationship, exploration and quest simulators so get ready not simply following the storyline but also making certain decisions and plan your actions on few steps forward. Today, what Morgan will reach? It is dependent upon you!

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Passion Hotel

Tonight you're going to see"Passion Hotel" - a place for everyone who hunts for love as far as they seek for orgy. The game is just one of many from the line"Lesson of Passion" so that you may hope all of the classic attributes to be listed as well like 3D-models based graphics, number of choices thru the narrative, hot fuckfest scenes and several unique endings based on your decisions. Follow the story of 2 major characters adn motel manager and see where each one of these will end up in the morning. There are six distinct endings for this game nut due to the file size limits a few of these may open in a new window so keep this moment detected. And in the event you'll love the gameplay then be sure to check other joy and fucky-fucky games from"Lession of Passion" you can find on our site.

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Hot Wife Story

Richard is avery succesful businessman. What else would he want to have out of his lifetime? Well, can be a little more of free-for-all time to invest in hot wifey Michelle... Since in accordance with Michelle their relationship aren't doing so well lately precisely becasue she does not get enough attention from her hubby. What could Richard perform in situation like this? To have a party for himself and also seek the services of an escort doll (because in case in the event that you forgot this is an erotic game from"Lesson of passion" series). But was he ready to learn that this escort dame turned out to be his very own wifey? Well, ready or not but now they bith will need to take care of that somehow and some assistance from the participant in creating certain decision could be indeed excellent. Play the game and direct this couple to a of several possible endings!

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