Fuck Town: Auto Show

This story will tell you what occurred to the city dude. Dude sits in the home and witnesses TV,. He is bored, but abruptly a text message comes to his phone. The dude won a free ticket to the auto showcase. This really is fine news. The dude comes to the car dealership and meets with the Manager. This is a Busty and stunning blonde. Her jummy watermelons attract the dude's attention and he starts thinking about wild fuckfest. The girl inquires the dude to have a puny test on the skill of truck manufacturers. To pass the test, you must match the van logos with their titles. To do this, use the mouse . If you pass the test, you can proceed meeting. By way of instance, at a hotel room. You undoubtedly need to have sex with her. Create a blonde suck your fat hard-on. And fuck her in a tight and round butt. Start the game and do it.

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